Growing Your Own Goji Berries

The goji berry is no doubt an important health discovery, and it is just a shame that so many things came along and cried “wolf” before it was discovered. It is especially useful in the areas that can actually grow goji plants. In fact, if you are in an area that can grow goji plants, why not grow them yourself? Just check out this website on growing goji berries.

If you live in an area where you cannot grow the plants outside, you can still grow them inside in pots, and this is detailed on the aforementioned website as well. If, however, you can’t grow them in pots due to lack of sunlight or whatever, and you can’t grow them outside due to being in too cold or too hot of a climate, there are other super berries you might consider growing.

If you are in too cold of a climate, consider growing sea berries or sea buckthorn berries. They can sustain rather harsh winters, and can grow all over North America, even in more northern parts of Canada. If you are in too hot of a climate, learn how to grow acai berries, another super berry that is native to the Amazon rainforest.

Growing berries is NOT hard work and is well worth your time, especially considering the fact that food will be getting more and more expensive in the coming years due to the rising costs of oil (food is grown with fertilizers made of oil, with farm equipment run with gas made from oil, and then transported in trucks and planes running on fuels made of oil).

So, why not learn to grow your own food before it’s too late? The more nutritious the food, the less you will need, so goji berries and other super foods are a natural choice.

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