The Anti-Cancer Properties of Selenium

Selenium is a trace mineral found in foods such as Brazil nuts, walnuts and, you guessed it, goji berries. The mineral acts as an antioxidant, helping to neutralize free radials that damage cells and cause cancer.

Research has now shown that low levels of selenium in the blood may also mean an increased risk of prostate cancer for men. In a 2001 study, for example, researchers tested selenium levels in blood samples of 52 men with prostate cancer. The men had provided blood samples before and after they were diagnosed with prostate cancer. This group of men was compared with 96 other men who were healthy, and who had had their selenium blood levels tested periodically.

It was found that the risk of prostate cancer was significantly higher in the men who had the lowest selenium levels in their blood. Low selenium was in fact determined to lead to a four to five times increase in the risk of getting prostate cancer.

This study is only one of the many studies that prove selenium has anti-cancer properties in general. And the good thing about getting a dose of selenium in goji berries is that it has been found that the mineral has a synergistic effect when used with vitamin E, which goji berries also contain.

I am beginning to get more and more amazed at just how useful these goji berries are. If not for the fact that there are so many species of berries in the world, it would be hard to believe that nature actually created such a magnificently useful berry with such an amazing arsenal of healing and natural anti-aging properties.

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