Germanium: Another Important Compound in Goji Juice

One of the compounds found in goji berries that is highly active in the fight against cancer and other ailments in the human body is germanium. This naturally occurring element has been found to have unique properties. Its atoms are somewhat odd, in that out of its 32 electrons, any one of the four in the outer shell tend to leap out of its orbit when approached by atoms of other substances.

Cancer cells, of course, are quite different from the healthy cells in a human body. The electrical potential at the cell wall is unusually high compared to a healthy cell. This is one of the reasons why cancer cells multiply so fast. When germanium is ingested, as in the case of eating goji berries or drinking goji juice, or injected, the compound deprives cancer cells of its electrons. This, apparently, reduces the cancer’s electrical potential. This is known as a dehydrogenation reaction and it seems that it has the potential to slow or stop the activities of cancer cells.

Germanium has also been found to help stave off the effects of radiation treatment. Some sources go as far as to say that radiation sickness can actually be prevented when germanium is taken in sufficient amounts (too much germanium, like most things, is not good for someone, however). Gamma rays (used in radiation treatment) emit electrons that destroy cancer cells, but unfortunately, they also destroy red and white blood cells. This sometimes even leads to patients dying. Recent studies have found that the atoms of germanium fasten securely to red blood cells and protect them from oncoming electrons, causing them to bypass the cell via repulsion.

It must be cautioned that germanium is not a cure-all compound, and that intake of too much germanium has been found to have very negative results. Inorganic germanium has been shown in studies to be poisonous in large doses, and there is evidence that organic germanium, taken in supplement form (it would be near impossible to overdose by eating any food) can also cause severe problems. So, although germanium can be very beneficial if consumed in moderation in foods such as goji berries, my research indicates that most doctors would agree that it is not necessary to take actual supplements, unless advised by a doctor in conjunction with cancer therapy or some such thing.

That being said, I also feel it is important to note that there is no danger of overdosing on anything by consuming goji berries, or any other edible berry. Of course, you don’t want to eat too much of anything – the middle path is always the best path to take – but they are just a berry, albeit one with unusually high levels of nutrients and beneficial compounds.

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