Antioxidants in Goji Berries

You may be aware that antioxidants are a powerful ally in the fight against cancer and aging. Once you learn how many antioxidants are in goji berries, you may begin to get an idea of why I promote them so vigorously, although there is much more to them than antioxidants (I do not sell them by the way, and I am beginning to grow my own plants). To get an idea of how many more antioxidants are in goji berries and goji juice compared to the typical fruit we eat in North America, we can compare these levels right now. ORAC is the standard test, used by the US Department of Agriculture, to measure the antioxidant levels of foods.

Now, most people do not get nearly enough antioxidants in a given day to prevent or significantly reduce the risks of cancer. A person needs to get about 5000 ORAC units a day for maximum benefits. Most people don’t get even close to this because most people simply don’t eat the rights foods. For example, if you wanted to get your daily ORAC dose in grapes, you would need to eat 677 grams of grapes – no small amount. Alternatively, you could simply eat 20 grams of goji berries, which is about a small handful. By comparing the ORAC levels of various fruits and vegetables in this chart, which shows the antioxidant levels in the most antioxidant-rich foods we eat, you may begin to get an idea of how powerful goji berries and their juice are.

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