Goji Juice: The Real Story

Goji Berries
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The California Academy of Health (CAOH)
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What’s the Deal With Goji?

Goji berries are reputed to have significant natural anti-aging properties, and in the past few years this has been tested in the laboratory and there is some scientific data available. The berries (like most berries) are also high in nutrients and antioxidants and contain numerous highly beneficial agents. Although goji juice and goji berries have been a large part of traditional Asian medicine for countless generations, they did not make their way to the West until just recently, and have only now begun to make their way into the mainstream.

Goji berries grow naturally in the valleys of the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet and inner Mongolia, and in parts of China.

If you’ve done any research on goji juice you’re sure to have heard some pretty outrageous claims that may seem a bit on the unbelievable side. We don’t intend to make any such claims here, only to give you the facts about goji juice straight up. There have been many scientific studies carried out on different aspects of the Lycium species (goji’s latin name), with some truly interesting results.

Scientists have been attracted to numerous things about the goji berry, including its unparelled nutritional qualities in terms of vitamin, mineral and protein content, as well as its extremely high antioxidant levels and other unique cancer fighting and anti-aging attributes. You can learn more about studies carried out on the berries and find some general information in our Goji Juice Research section.

The history of goji juice and goji berries is hidden in a shroud of hype presently. The story goes that for thousands of years the berries have been known in traditional Asian medicine to have highly beneficial healing properties. Indeed, in their native areas it is true that there are actually yearly celebrations held in goji’s honor (a yearly festival is held in August in Ningxia, China, where most of the world’s commercial berries are grown). To learn more about the rising popularity of goji juice throughout the West and the rest of the world, and more general information to help you decide whether or not to invest in goji berries, check out our Goji Juice Story section.

Information from this website has been gathered from credible sources such as iVillage Garden Web, the Plants for a Future database, the United States Department of Agriculture and the PubMed Medical Database.