Goji Juice: Sorting the Truth From the Myth

Recently, I have taken an interest in a small red berry that is native to Asia and has been used in traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. Now, I’m not one to just develop an interest in any old thing. The reason for my interest in this berry stems from the fact that recent scientific studies have shown some truly remarkable results in terms of its anti-aging and anti-cancer properties.

The berry, known as the goji berry or the wolfberry, contains not only ridiculously high levels of antioxidants (more than any foods we eat in the West, including those thought to be high in antioxidants), but it also contains unique polysaccharides. These are complex forms of carbohydrates, and the ones found in goji berries have been shown in studies to have amazing anti-cancer and natural anti-aging properties. These facts, combined with the fact that the berries are incredibly nutritionally dense and packed full of other anti-aging agents, has drawn a lot of attention to the goji berry in science and in the media (it has been featured on Oprah) and a market has begun to flourish for the berries. However, after extensive research online, I have noticed that much of the information on the Internet is complete hype and that many companies are making some pretty outrageous claims. It is thus hard to sort out the truth from the lies, and so, I have created this blog, along with a website at www.gojijuices.net, to sort the real information (credible scientific studies) from pure myth and hype.

I am convinced that the goji berry is a truly remarkable natural anti-aging supplement, and just plain good for you. I have bought a 4-month supply of the berries in fact, and am enjoying the extra energy boost this has provided for me and my partner. And so, I hope to bring more awareness of this amazing fruit to the world, for as it becomes more popular, its price will go down and more people will be able to enjoy its benefits.

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